Meaghan L.

What first drew me to Danyele and wanting to train with her was her recognition of being an athlete as powerful and beautiful. As a competitive athlete my whole life and with an athletic build, I was sick of seeing the ‘how to get a thigh gap’ workouts. I will never have a thigh gap and I’m ok with that. Danyele made me feel great in my skin to begin with, but then pushes me to be my best. Danyele’s customization of each workout demonstrates not only her knowledge of her craft but her true care for you as her client. I love to hate my workouts with her. I know I’m going to be pushed to my limits but Danyele is going to make me laugh and smile the whole time while pushing me to be my best. I’ve never had a better workout anywhere else because Danyele knows how to motivate and creates circuits that tone and burn better than anything I’ve done. In the 6 months I’ve been working out with her I’ve dropped almost 2 sizes and inches everywhere. Danyele is the ultimate cheerleader and coach and just damn good at her job. I feel so lucky to be her client!

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HIIT Body Home Challenge Vol. 2

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