strive challenge

Why Strive?


The STRIVE challenge is a six-week hybrid training program created with performance in mind. This unique combination of HIIT, functional strength training and metabolic conditioning will take you outside your comfort zone and push your mental and physical limits. If you commit to the STRIVE challenge, you are committing to GREATNESS. Average is no longer acceptable.

  • 1: To exert oneself vigorously towards a specific goal
  • 2: To devote serious effort or energy to do something or make something happen
  • 3: To contend in opposition or resistance





+ Sculpt a lean, athletic figure + Increase strength, endurance, balance and mobility


+ Increase dynamic power
+ Improve core strength and stability
+ Increase energy levels and metabolism


+ Learn to appreciate your body for what it can do, not only what it looks like
+ Develop more confidence in and out of the gym


+ Repeat the challenge to improve
+ Access 300+ private demo videos
+ Accessible online exclusively

the process

6 weeks

The STRIVE challenge is a gym-based 6-week training guide that can be repeated as many times as desired.

unique workouts

It includes 5 completely unique, effective workouts per week that alternate between, lower body strength, upper body strength, cardio and core, total body strength, and conditioning.  Each workout includes a dynamic warm-up, a pre-hab activation circuit, the workout, an energy system development finisher and a well-deserved cool down. 

Baseline TEsTing

The program kicks off with two days of initial benchmark strength and conditioning testing that will be repeated upon completion of the program to effectively measure progress.


  • + Squat rack with weight plates & barbell
  • + Dumbells & kettlebells
  • + Medicine ball
  • + Long resistance band
  • + Hip circle
  • + Flat bench
  • + Box
  • + Treadmill
  • + Rower
  • + Pull-up bar
  • + Jump rope
  • + Trap bar
  • + Assault bike (preferred but not required)
  • + Sled or prowler (preferred but not required)
  • + Battle ropes (preferred but not required)
  • Option to substitute any of the above for the equipment
    you have available to you.


How long do I have access TO the challenge?

You will have access for 365 days from your purchase date.

HOw much does the challenge cost?

A one-time fee of $149.

What fitness level is the challenge geared towards?

I have programmed the challenge for an intermediate level athlete meaning someone who has 1-3 years of experience in the gym. However, you should feel empowered to modify to a beginner level or progress to an advanced level for any movement as needed.

CAN I complete the challenege at home?

There will be days where the workouts require minimal equipment and can be completed at home. However, I recommend having full gym access to get the most out of this program.

I have bad knees, can i still complete the challenge?

I highly recommend you consult with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any other program. That being said, you should feel empowered to modify any plyometric or knee-heavy movements (Ex. modify box jumps to step ups or heavy lunges to heavy deadlifts).

How should I track my progress?

Download and print off the baseline testing sheets provided. Complete both days of testing before you begin the challenge and keep your results somewhere safe. You will then re-test at the end of 6 weeks. I also highly recommend you take front, back and side view day 1 photos for your records and re-take the progress photos after week 6.

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Content is provided for general information only; content does not, and is not intended to, constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or recommended treatments or activities. Consult a physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss regimen. Due to the nature of the product there will be no refunds.

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